Penn Medicine Life Campaign

The University of Pennsylvania was founded 277 years ago by one of the greatest Americans of all time, Benjamin Franklin. The hospital and medical school, Penn Medicine, lays claim to some of the biggest breakthroughs in medical history but isn't thought of outside of the Philadelphia region as a major center of medical innovation. We aimed to change that by running a series of 6 spotlights in 2018 and beyond, each looking at a particular area of innovation. We dubbed the campaign "LIFE" for its documentary approach and focus on humanity.



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Spotlight 1: First

We used this spotlight to highlight new innovations and medical breakthroughs pioneered by Penn Medicine.

  • Life Illuminated. A dye that causes tumors to glow during surgery, making them easier to identify and remove.

  • Life Altering. CAR-T is the world’s first gene-based cancer therapy.

  • Breath Brought To Life. Penn was the first hospital in the area offering Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion, which infuses nutrients into donor lungs, optimizing them for transplant.

  • Life As Never Before Seen. This gene therapy reverses blindness in children and adults born with a rare form of inherited retinal disease called Leber congenital amaurosis.

  • Life Unshaken. A focused ultrasound that resets brain waves curing uncontrollable tremors.


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