The Time My Camera Froze

Back in March 2009 we had a particularly cold day, I believe it was something like –10° F degrees (–23° C) and I woke up at 5am, unable to sleep. I grabbed my camera and figured I would try to catch the sunrise on the shores Lake Ontario. When I got there, the shore line extended about 100 feet into the water where waves had frozen solid, creating an undulating surface that fluctuated in height by up to 5 feet. I wandered out to the edge where ice flows were smashing into the shore. As the wind whipped in gusts 50 MPH a wave smashed against the edge and sprayed my camera with water, which froze instantly! My whole camera was encased in a block of ice and it completely shut down. The third photo was taken the moment the wave hit.

By the next day it had thawed, and these were the pictures I was able to retrieve.